Monthly Archive:: August 2013

Episcopal Campaign To Fix Immigration Reform

The Catholic priests and bishops are soon to walk in a political rally in an attempt to demand modification of the existing immigration policy.  The Catholics are the only religious group in Congress, having over 30 per cent of the members in the House, including Speaker John A. Boehner and 60 other Republican senator. In […]

State Vs Federal Government Since The Founding Fathers Made The Constitution

Diplomatic strife between state and federal government reach another stage with each trying to curtail the freedom of another. State resistance to national policy is not anything new in United States of America. Missouri is just a new addition to the list. It has barred the central government to expand Medicaid in the state. Politicians […]

Hannah Anderson Yet To Be Identified As The Real Heir To $112,000

James DiMaggoi is likely to undergo a clinical test to determine paternity of Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan. Family of James suspects him to be the father of the two. He is accused and killed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents earlier in the woods while camping in Idaho. James DiMaggoi kidnapped […]

Will the Amendment Of Sexual Assault Law Make The Abused Fearless?

A modification in the criminal law might be beneficial for the under aged victims of sexual assault. The previous law had certain norms and criteria, which forbid the victims from reporting the crime to the police authority. This decree was thus often accused of being helpful to the criminals as it let them away without […]

Copyright On Dance? De Keersmaeker Accuses Beyonce Of Stealing Her Dance Moves

The famous vocalist Beyonce Knowles is charged with plagiarism. Beyonce very recently was shooting for her music video, Countdown video. The video consist of a music score sung by her. The song was accompanied by a soothing genre of dance form- ballet. Beyonce is accused of stealing and imitating the experimental dance moves of Anne […]

New Proposal To Change The Practice Of Canadian Trademark

In Canada, most of the applications received in order to register a trademark in the country face an initial refusal as result of confusion of mark of the applied with that of the pending application and sometimes even with already registered similar marks. In most of such cases, the applicant provides a consent letter mentioning […]

Contractor Of Des Moines Arrested On Theft Charge

On Wednesday, Georgios Symeonidis, a contractor of Des Moines, was arrested on a charge for theft. According to the reliable source, police receive a lot of complaints against the owner of American Artisan and Traditional Homes. It is informed that 52- year-old Symeonidis was being detained on a $5000 bond in the Polk County Jail. […]

AAFP Reports: More Number Of Students Want To Be Family Doctors

The American Academy of Family Physicians recently revealed that the number of US medical graduates opting the stream of primary care and family medicine has increased since last four years. This is great news for numerous Americans especially for those citizens who are going to insured newly under Medicare and Obamacare in the coming years. […]