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Do You Need A Real Estate Appraisal For A Legal Proceeding?

Most people are familiar with real estate appraisals as part of a real estate sales transaction. However, there are other times that an appraisal may be needed, such as for a variety of legal proceedings. For example, an appraisal may be needed to serve as evidence in regards to a divorce or an appeal of […]

States With The Highest Divorce Rate

For a number of reasons, most notably the pursuit of education, men and women in the United States are waiting longer before entering into their first marriage. According to statistics released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), pursuing education first makes a significant difference in the longevity of marriage. Roughly78 percent of women who […]

Looking For Company Incorporation – Avoiding These Mistakes Will Be Useful

Startups are very small and usually owners do not have any plans of forming a corporation. However company incorporation comes with many benefits for the business owners. The benefit of limited liability is obtained through Incorporation. You can avail protection and coverage for your personal property and assets that are outside the company. If you […]

Where Did The Concept Of Prison Came From?

Prisons are among the most fascinating systems in the world. The have slowly evolved from their early beginnings to the profit machines for large corporations they are today. Prisons currently are a place for criminals to serve time as punishment for the crimes that they have committed. Their purpose is both to protect the public […]

Not Just For Seniors: Social Security Disability Benefits For All

When most people think about Social Security Disability Benefits, age comes to mind, particularly the over 60 crowd, but in reality, the average 20-year old worker has a 3-in-10 chance of becoming disabled and unable to work before reaching the full retirement age.  When you consider possibly missing out on about 40 plus years, due […]

Social Media Programs For Lawyer Marketing

First of all, let’s talk about the best social networks lawyers should be using. If you’re a lawyer that deals with abuse and family issues, Facebook is a very personable platform where you can interact with people on a personal level. If you’re a lawyer that deals with mostly businesses who are dealing with lawsuits, […]

Injured On “Black Friday”: Who’s At Fault?

Each year it seems that the holiday tradition of Thanksgiving is overlooked and shortened by a one of the biggest shopping days of the year, “Black Friday”.  Some consumers refuse to skip Aunt Edith’s pecan pie just to set up camp outside, at the midnight hour, of a big box store, in the hopes of […]

Qualities Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer Worth Your Time (And Money)

Forging alliance with a criminal defense lawyer may not appeal to you at the moment; after all, you will never be one of those who would have run-ins with the law, wouldn’t you?  But, has it occurred to you that you can be an unwilling victim to a crime? Take for instance, how scalawags in […]

Hire The Best New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer And Win Your Case

The seriousness of some medical malpractices and the increase number of these cases has lead this section under the criminal case since 1994 and legal actions are also taken on the convicted person. You may very often hear some horror stories like surgical tools, rags, scissors, sponges or different type of things left inside the […]

Unique Traffic Laws In China

China, with a vehicle population of 240 million cars, has a number of geographical, infrastructural, and cultural factors that lead to unique traffic laws. These atypical regulations affect everything from safety to sales. Limits on Car Sales To fight the interconnected problems of pollution and overcrowded roads, many regions in China limit the number of […]