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Weirdest Items Used As Collateral For Bail

The bail system, which allows some incarcerated individuals the ability to pay money to walk free, is a timeless part of the American justice system. It gives non-convicted prisoners the ability to wait for their trials without sitting behind bars. While most bail-bond agents like to be given paper money as collateral, others will take […]

Hiring The Right Family Lawyer Pays! 5 Tips For Choosing A Child Custody Attorney!

Divorce is a messy situation and it is always best to have professional guidance to help you get through it. If you’re currently facing a divorce from your spouse and the two of you have children, you will need to hire an Atlanta Family Lawyer to protect your rights as well as the rights of […]

Chances To Work As Lawyer In UK: The Current Picture In Labor Market

The law is reason, free from passion. – Aristotle UK Attorneys in Action: Basic Principles Typically, trial lawyers in United Kingdom are divided in 2 main categories – barristers and solicitors. Barristers have more privileges – they have higher rank than solicitors and principally plead cases. In their turn, solicitors are involved in preparation of […]

Types Of Child Custody Agreements

When parents split up it is usually very difficult on the children.  Despite the feelings they may have toward each other, parents usually try to put their feelings for each other aside and work out child custody issues together.  However, when parents cannot work out custody terms on their own, the court will step in […]

Court Processes 101: What Is Probate?

Death is always a difficult matter to discuss. However, when it comes the time that you have to settle the distribution of your properties among the people you love, this becomes an inescapable topic to talk about. When people die, especially those with a considerable amount of wealth and properties to leave behind, his or […]

How Is Check Forgery Perpetrated Today?

One of the largest issues that continues to plague banks and businesses is check fraud. Thanks to computers, thieves have become better equipped to create accurate-looking checks, and can easily swindle thousands of dollars from unsuspecting individuals. There are multiple ways that thieves can create a check. Some will counterfeit a check using a computer […]

Reasons Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working

Successful businesses take their marketing efforts seriously. According to Gartner, the average business was expected to spend about 9% of its revenues on digital marketing. Furthermore, “Marketing leaders have secured bigger budgets to define markets and attract, acquire and retain customers. Yet, increased funding is a double-edged sword. It brings new opportunities but puts more […]

3 Tips For Protecting Your Belongings From Burglars

My parents tell me that the day they took me home from the hospital the house was broken into.  From outside, they could tell someone was inside, and as my dad went in, the guy left out the back door.  Maybe he saw the gun safe and knew my dad wasn’t unprotected, or maybe he […]

When Lunch At A Salad Bar Turns Into A Worker’s Compensation Case

Under Pennsylvania’s worker’s compensation law one requirement for an employee or the employee’s family to be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, is that the injury must have been sustained on the  employer’s premises.  So, how did the widow of a college professor qualify for worker’s compensation death benefits after the college professor was injured at […]

Personal Injury Lawyers On Your Smartphone Attorney Apps You Might Need Today

It is not everyday that you have a chance to speak to a lawyer or seek a legal opinion especially in the area of personal injury. Most of us would like to have everything within our grasp, close to the Smartphone that is defining our lives. Everything today is making its way into an app […]