Monthly Archive:: June 2014

Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Lawyer, Who Is covered?

The induction of the Workman’s Compensation Act in 1912 helped those who suffered from an injury received while working but the question remains, who is covered? If you are an injured worker who resides in or close to the Grand Rapids area, a Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Lawyer is just around the corner. Most employees […]

How To Choose Auto Accident Lawyer

After being in a car accident, it is important to find a lawyer who will address your needs and ensure you are duly compensated. An auto-accident lawyer ought to represent you interests in the court of law. There are some minor accidents that may not require a lawyer, but if you or your loved one […]

Pennsylvania Allows Warrant-less Vehicle Searches

Until recently, Pennsylvania law enforcement officers were required to obtain a warrant or permission from the vehicle’s owner before searching any vehicle, making any evidence obtained without a warrant void. At the end of April 2014, however, the Supreme Court ruled that police officers don’t necessarily have to have a search warrant if there is […]