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Tax Lawyer Job Explained

Tax lawyers, or tax attorneys, are responsible for assisting individuals who are being audited by the IRS. These attorneys are responsible for investigating legal cases in the field of business law, and helping clients understand their rights when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. When studying for my business degree, I reviewed several job opportunities […]

Advice To Young Drivers Using The Laws Of Physics

There is some practical advice that uses the laws of physics that every young driver should use. People can remember what it was like to drive for the first time. It was exciting to do something as grown-up as driving, but it also created a nervous feeling. The nervousness was a healthy respect for the […]

Criminal Justice Strategies To Lower Crime Rates

Ever since the beginning of time, when someone does something out of the social norm it is responded to with some kind of action, in hopes of deterring the unwanted behavior. In the 18th century people who were believed to be “witches” or satanic beings, mostly because they went against the social norms, were hung […]

What Is A Paralegal? A Non-Lawyer’s Description

Paralegals contribute to the legal system by enhancing the quality of legal services and by working to increase the access to justice. The paralegal profession began in the late 1960s but it didn’t establish its legitimacy until the early 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s the field went through tremendous growth as the role paralegals […]