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Single Mother Housing Grants

Single mother housing grants are available and are of great help to single moms. Usually these women have to take whole and sole responsibility of the household and look after the financial matter also. This keeps them extremely burdened. They can apply for these grants because these are financial aids provided by the government to […]

Tips For Improving Parent-Child Communication

I am the single mother of four. My daughters are in their early twenties now and my boys are in their teens. It’s been rough, but we’ve survived a divorce and a brief encounter with homelessness, among other things. Two of my children have learning disabilities. Two are high on the intelligence spectrum, but struggle […]

Child Support For Single Mothers

Virtually any single parent knows child support is available to them; however, many single parents do not receive child support. Some do not even bother attempting to collect child support. Child support amounts and calculation formulas are set by law in every state in the United States. Some states us a guideline approach, some use […]