A high-quality and speedy legal transcription service offers timely work for legal professionals, law firms and court reporters. Many of these professionals do not have the time or equipment to transcript legal documents on their own. Instead, they turn to established services for fast and easy transcription services.

Superior Legal Transcription Team

Professional legal transcription teams enlist an entire army of hard workers. Teams are typically comprised of transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and a technical support group for each step of the process. Legal transcriptionists are well-trained in more than one area of law, including criminal, business, real estate, patent, family law and much more. Transcriptionists work on behalf of a law firm or other legal professional to produce quality legal transcriptions. These transcripts can be created from depositions, wiretaps, memorandum letters, general hearings, briefs, arraignments and other legal documents.

The Advantages of Using Legal Transcription Services

Professional teams can offer additional work on legal documents beyond transcriptions. These services can include writing and filing documents, working on research for upcoming trials, keeping tabs on upcoming deadlines and more.

Professional transcriptionists can also produce careful transcripts of any and all legal proceedings in any format. Transcriptionists are able to create shortened and edited documents that still maintain the heart of the original source. These professionals are talented at providing proper spelling and sticking to accurate terminology.

Different Methods of File Transfer

Audio can be transferred to professional transcriptionists via a toll-free phone call or by transferring a digitally recorded file. Various file formats are accepted, including CD, tape, MP3, miscellaneous digital file types, cassette and DVD. These files can be sent via email or uploaded to a secure file system. Uploading the file is the quickest way to give the transcriptionist access to the file for immediate work. Additionally, legal professionals can continue to access the file throughout the process. After completing the transcription and undergoing an accuracy check, the original files are returned to the requester.

The Advantages of Using Legal Transcription Services

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Transcriptions?

There are many reasons to outsource work to quality legal transcriptionists, including:

  • The work is done meticulously with minimal errors.
  • Tasks are completely at a rapid rate.
  • Workers frequently perform quality tests throughout the entire process.
  • Documents are organized during the process.
  • Typically, an option for a free trial may be available.
  • Work is handled through private and secure document transfers.
  • Legal professionals can check on the work during the process with accessible software.
  • Competitive rates and with appealing high-volume discounts.