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The Most Exciting Thing About My Friend’s Engagement; The Hen Party!

A few years ago it was so easy for a group of girls to get together and go on holiday or plan a night out, or go for a spa or go to a concert. As we’ve all moved out of home, gotten more grown up jobs, faced our student debt head on, and incorporated […]

How To Strengthen Family Ties With Distant Relatives

Keeping in touch with your distant relatives is central to maintaining the family unit. But in modern times, not all families live two streets away from one another, so it’s very easy stay wrapped up in your own business and forget to reach out to these people regularly enough. But how do you avoid potential […]

Start The New Year With A Safe Car For Your Teen Driver

If 2014 is the year when your teen children will be entering the world of licensed drivers, it’s a safe bet there were a few prayers that went along with your New Year’s resolutions. While you will have lots to think about and prepare for when you have teens preparing to drive, making sure they […]