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Apple to trademark “STARTUP” in Australia

Apple has filed an application to allow them trademark the application of the “STARTUP” term in Australia. The application was filed by the Apple through a lawyer, of the Barker & McKenzie Company, who based in Sydney on the 27th of August. According to a report received from TM WATCH, the iPhone maker’s application for […]

County auditor for Sullivan face charges of theft and forgery

An auditor for the county of Sullivan together with 2 other individuals has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a woman of the Colley Township. According to the Laporte state police, the thefts occurred when Alice H. Foster, the victim, was dependent on other people for her care. Debra A. Ryan, the auditor, […]

Medical alarms raised in Sacramento

As the session of the California lawmakers nears an end, they are on the edge of approving at least 2 measures that are hotly disputed and they could also slow the healthcare costs growth. One would allow nurses who have advanced training offer more medical care and the other one would allow the use of […]

Immigration reform tussle has electoral repercussions

The fate of the United States immigration reform could be a turning point on whether the House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republican, will embrace a road to citizenship for 11 million immigrants who are undocumented. There has been continuous opposition to an all-inclusive bill and there is a possibility of there being […]

Teen found guilty of child murder by jury

An 18 year old man has been found guilty of murder in the case where a baby riding in a stroller alongside his mother was shot in a coastal Georgian town. This is despite the defense’s attempts to cast the guilt on several other people, including the parents of the child. The jurors deliberated for […]

Family fights to keep their home

Before the recession rocked the country, a family of in Orange County in California believed that they had achieved all. The Sadowski’s lived in a 4-bedroom house in a cul-de-sac. The family had a gas fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and a pool that was lined with boulders that they had craned as they did […]

New criminal and traffic laws goes into effect

On the first of September, several new criminal and traffic laws will go into effect in the state of Texas. Steven McCraw, the director of Department of Public Safety in the state of Texas, said that due to the new laws, the residents of Texas will now be protected while they are travelling on the […]

Copyright law pressures fair use of materials by teachers

As teachers go back to schools, most of them improve their typical curriculum by use of examples for pop culture and literature. However, they may be going against the copyright laws in an attempt to assist their students. Even though there exists an exception for educational or “fair use” when it comes to the copyright […]

Episcopal Campaign To Fix Immigration Reform

The Catholic priests and bishops are soon to walk in a political rally in an attempt to demand modification of the existing immigration policy.  The Catholics are the only religious group in Congress, having over 30 per cent of the members in the House, including Speaker John A. Boehner and 60 other Republican senator. In […]

State Vs Federal Government Since The Founding Fathers Made The Constitution

Diplomatic strife between state and federal government reach another stage with each trying to curtail the freedom of another. State resistance to national policy is not anything new in United States of America. Missouri is just a new addition to the list. It has barred the central government to expand Medicaid in the state. Politicians […]