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Why A DWI/DUI Attorney Is A Good Idea

You made a mistake. Maybe you had just a few drinks and felt okay to drive. Maybe you were extremely drunk and weren’t in the right frame of mind to know you were way past the legal limit. No matter what the situation was, you made the decision to drive, got pulled over by a […]

Personal Injury: Defamation-Libel and Slander

When most people think about personal injury lawsuits, they tend to think the plaintiff was physically harmed in some way or another. What many people fail to remember, however, is that defamation is also a form of personal injury. Defamation includes libelous statements and slander about a person or business. Libel goes unnoticed all too […]

Pennsylvania Allows Warrant-less Vehicle Searches

Until recently, Pennsylvania law enforcement officers were required to obtain a warrant or permission from the vehicle’s owner before searching any vehicle, making any evidence obtained without a warrant void. At the end of April 2014, however, the Supreme Court ruled that police officers don’t necessarily have to have a search warrant if there is […]