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What Are The Time Limits For Contesting A Will?

As losing a loved one can be a very difficult time for all those involved, it’s extremely important that you carefully consider whether you want to contest the Will or not. With heightened stress levels and emotions all over the place, it’s essential that you are 100% happy with your decision. If you have decided […]

Copyright law pressures fair use of materials by teachers

As teachers go back to schools, most of them improve their typical curriculum by use of examples for pop culture and literature. However, they may be going against the copyright laws in an attempt to assist their students. Even though there exists an exception for educational or “fair use” when it comes to the copyright […]

Copyright On Dance? De Keersmaeker Accuses Beyonce Of Stealing Her Dance Moves

The famous vocalist Beyonce Knowles is charged with plagiarism. Beyonce very recently was shooting for her music video, Countdown video. The video consist of a music score sung by her. The song was accompanied by a soothing genre of dance form- ballet. Beyonce is accused of stealing and imitating the experimental dance moves of Anne […]