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Tips for Your First Year of Law School

You’ve taken the LSAT, registered with the LSDAS, applied to several law schools and you have just received your acceptance to one of them. Come this fall, you will be a first-year law student. Celebrate! You have every right to be happy, excited, thrilled and beside yourself with joy. You’re also entitled to be scared […]

Tax Lawyer Job Explained

Tax lawyers, or tax attorneys, are responsible for assisting individuals who are being audited by the IRS. These attorneys are responsible for investigating legal cases in the field of business law, and helping clients understand their rights when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. When studying for my business degree, I reviewed several job opportunities […]

Advice To Young Drivers Using The Laws Of Physics

There is some practical advice that uses the laws of physics that every young driver should use. People can remember what it was like to drive for the first time. It was exciting to do something as grown-up as driving, but it also created a nervous feeling. The nervousness was a healthy respect for the […]

What Is A Paralegal? A Non-Lawyer’s Description

Paralegals contribute to the legal system by enhancing the quality of legal services and by working to increase the access to justice. The paralegal profession began in the late 1960s but it didn’t establish its legitimacy until the early 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s the field went through tremendous growth as the role paralegals […]

The Advantages of Using Legal Transcription Services

A high-quality and speedy legal transcription service offers timely work for legal professionals, law firms and court reporters. Many of these professionals do not have the time or equipment to transcript legal documents on their own. Instead, they turn to established services for fast and easy transcription services. Superior Legal Transcription Team Professional legal transcription […]

Great Tips To Help You Start A Legal Practice

Even if you haven’t told anybody or even spoken the words out loud to yourself, if you practice law then you want to start your own firm. It’s a natural thought to have and great motivation to keep you working hard towards the goal. However, the challenge faced by many legal practitioners when undertaking this […]

Lawyers Providing Justice For Slip and Fall Accidents

We have been living in a big world, hoping for humanity and peace to be above all. Many people do follow these principals some don’t. From ancient times there have been conflicts, wars, and fights between people, families, organizations, and countries. Every day there is a crime taking place. Somewhere some people deal with spreading […]

Trade Unions At Collapsed Airline Monarch Preparing Legal Action

The two main trade unions representing staff at collapsed airline Monarch are preparing legal action over the handling of nearly 1.900 job losses. No matter you’ve lost your job or looking for an online opportunity to make money, you can utilize the power of the Internet and high technologies to actually make money online. For […]

How To Protect Yourself from Personal Injury Lawsuit?

This particular problem is a common issue, but still, people don’t know how to react when it comes to their doorstep. You get the piece of paper when it says that you are going to be sued. The first thing that you have to do is to stop the panic. That is the last thing […]

BPM For Successful Law Firm Management

Modern law firms have to survive in a highly competitive environment, and it is BPM software that helps them stay afloat and gain the upper hand. Today, more than ever before, law offices and legal departments have to serve their customers much faster and more effectively. It is essential for them to increase the level […]